Preparing Your Home

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Most buyers are looking for their “dream home.” So the better the condition of your home, the closer it will look to what a buyer wants. Preparing your home for buying viewing is one of the most important steps you can do to increase sales price.  Here are tips on getting your home in mint condition to make it more appealing:

External Appearance

Real EstateStand at several places in your front and back yards to see your home as a buyer would. Make note of anything that needs to be fixed or made more attractive. Curb appeal is the strongest way to attract buyers!
Real EstateAlways keep your grass freshly trimmed and edged.
Real EstateRemove any toys, bicycles, gardening items and other yard clutter.
Real EstateKeep the sidewalk, driveway and patio freshly swept.
Real EstateClean leaves, straw and other debris from gutters.
Real EstatePull weeds and keep them from sprouting.
Real EstatePut big pots of colorful flowers near the door; or plant flowers near the entryway.
Real EstateRemove any wasp nests or spider webs in the leaves.
Real EstateClean the front door or consider replacing it. Polish the doorknob, and make sure the doorbell works.

Internal Appearance
Real EstateRemove all excess furniture and clutter to make your house appear more spacious. Consider renting a small warehouse to store furniture/items that aren’t necessary for your day-to-day comfort.
Real EstateRemove personal family photos and knick-knacks to help the buyer imagine his/her own family in your home.
Real EstateSet a pleasant mood for the buyer. Make sure the house smells clean and inviting. If you have a stereo, play soft music at low volume. Turn on all lights to brighten up rooms.
Real EstateClean and organize closets.
Real EstateWash or dry-clean drapes or valances.
Real EstateDust blinds and shelves.
Real EstatePut a fresh coat of paint on walls. Light, neutral colors will appeal most to a wide variety of buyers and will make your home appear brighter and more spacious. If you’ve recently painted, wash away or touch up any smudges.
Real EstateClean the windows until they sparkle.
Real EstateShampoo the carpets and keep them vacuumed and spotless.
Real EstateFocus major attention on the cleanliness and style of the kitchen, master bath and master bedroom. These three areas are the most likely to attract or deter buyers.

Evaluating Your Home 

While your home is being marketed, keep making improvements based on the reactions of potential buyers who visit your home. If the objections raised are reasonable, make changes quickly (within two to three weeks) to avoid losing support from local sales agents bringing potential buyers to your home.Promoting Your Home 
Although some owners list and sell their own homes, most are sold through real estate agents. A good agent will ask other real estate agents to help sell your home by listing your property in a local MLS (Multiple Listing Service), delivering fliers with your home information to other agents and promoting your home by word of mouth.