Buyers Get Cash Back

Buyer’s Advantage
Your Home Purchase Price Traditional Realtor Gives You Dollars I will Add To Your Closing Costs or Down Payment

Why Pay A Realtor, When A Realtor Will Pay You?

Thank you for your interest in our Home Buyer Credit.  Home
buyers are excited because they’ve learned that if we are their
Buyer’s agent, they will receive thousands of dollars to apply
to their closing costs or down payment that they had not

At first some people think there must be a catch.  There isn’t.
It’s simple, without obligation and free.  Above are examples
of the money that can be applied to your costs or down
payment.  That 3% of the commission
is being paid to the Buyer agent.

You will receive a % of our net commission.  All
contribution amounts are a percentage of the home sale
price and based on the buyer side commissions which
normally is 3%.

However, if the seller of the home you decide to buy received a
reduced commission rate from their listing agent, your
rebate would be reduced as well.

Your actual credit to you will be determined upon your
purchase price and the actual commissions paid for the
home you have selected.  The credit dollar amount
based on this will be given to you before you write your
purchase contract so you know exactly how much you
will receive from us.

There Are No Written Agreements Between Us And You Are
Under No Obligation.  Nothing to lose, but everything to gain!

We do request, should you wish to utilize the Home Credit,
that you please enter information honestly, fully and correctly. This
is simply so we can arrange to communicate when necessary
to find you the home of your dreams.

Not valid with another offering, promotion or referral.

New Homes require an Agent to accompany you on first visit.


So what are you waiting for. Start searching for your dream home.